Intíl Doctorate Program (IDP)

The Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, within the PRInteR Project funded by the ESF OP 2007-2013 Calabria Region, has launched the International Doctorate in "Urban Regeneration and Economic Development".
The course of the International Doctorate born to support the project CLUDs – Commercial Local Urban District, 7 FP Marie Curie IRSES; the educational objectives are divided into three main areas:
1. urban planning and economic development interconnection;
2. the qualitative and quantitative application of this interconnection;
3. research methods.
The joint of the International Doctorate offers young scholars highly trained, which concerns forms of public-private partnerships that can be activated through urban regeneration initiatives, local development in a perspective of urban-rural network, social economic and environmental feasibility according to the approach of the “community led and local placed”.These issues, which are the basis of the new document for cohesion policy 2020, regarding priorities related to smart growth and smart cities as well as coherent with the scientific approach of Horizon 2020.

Urban Regeneration and Economic Development

Subject: Interdisciplinary doctorate in urban regeneration and economic development.

Fellowships: Six Doctorate fellowships plus Six Doctorate positions (without fellowships).

Duration of the program: The doctorate program consists of three (3) years: in the first year and in the last one students are required to attend courses at the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria (IT). In the second year students are required to attend courses at the Northeastern University in Boston (USA).

Faculty: Cluds Project international staff, Faculty from the University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria, external experts from other institutions.

Deadline: h 12.30 pm of the day 14.01.2013 (Reggio Calabria local time)
The application form is now available!
Information Package – Click to download file

Admission exam: The admission exam has the function to evaluate a general (thereby basic) aptitude to develop research. It is composed by one written exam and one oral exam. About the written exam, it will be asked to highlight interesting topics that are emerging in the field of urban planning and/or economic development, including some literature references. It will be asked to choice one argument to develop during the exam among three provided by the commission. The oral exam is an interview on what it has been developed in the written exam and the interests that the candidate desires to deeply face.

D.R. n.267 (Italiano)
Allegato A (Italiano)

D.R. n.267 (English)
Annex A (English)

For contact: scuoladottorato@unirc.it


CLUDS is supported by the European Community under the Marie Curie Irses Action of the Seventh Framework Programme.
The project is coordinated by the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria